Nexus Energy Storage Systems

Nexus Power energy storage system (ESS) provides supplemental power and redundancy. It provides increased system efficiencies through better energy management, minimizing diesel generator and grid supply dependencies. The drop-in-place design enables a simplified and efficient integration into existing power plants. It is built upon Nexus Power advanced active front end (AFE) power conversion design integrated with customisable energy storage technologies to suit specific applications.

Nexus Power ESS has plug and play unit operation. Each container unit is autonomous, increasing system reliability. The energy storage housing includes integrated environmental controls and system cooling in self-contained modules. The housings can be tailored for specific site applications and with the parallel unit configuration it allows for scalable energy storage solutions

Nexus Power ESS strengthens an installation’s power grid through power regulation and can allow for deferral of investment in power distribution and transmission. The energy storage system provides cost savings opportunities through reduced utility bills by lowering demand charges and providing the ability to participate in demand response programs.

The energy storage system monitoring and controls are integrated within the control station interface. The system monitoring provides remote connectivity enabling external system monitoring.

Other features include:
Transmission Connected Voltage Control.
When properly located Nexus Power ESS can help maintain acceptable voltage levels in transmission zones.

Functions & customer benefits

Key functions

  • Peak shaving
  • Spinning reserve
  • Voltage and frequency control
  • Power flow optimization
  • Ramp rate and power dispatch management
  • System stability improvement, voltage control
  • Energy management
  • Black start functionality and Power quality compliance

Customer benefits

  • Smooth integration of renewable energy
  • Balanced energy supply and demand
  • Reliable energy supply in real-time
  • Uninterrupted power
  • Operational performance and reliability of the plant


Nexus Energy Storage Systems (ESS), built on state-of-the-art-technology are modular solutions in terms of output power and energy. Variety of operation modes and flexibility to connect to any voltage level, makes Nexus ESS a preferred solution for complete electricity system value chain starting from the generation. Particularly renewable energy integration, and from Transmission and Distribution (T&D) down to hybrid, island and micro grids. Built-in flexible design permits easy scalability to deliver customized solution from few hundreds of kWh to several hundred MWh.

Wind, solar and engine-hybrid power plants

  • Peak shaving
  • Ramp rate management
  • Energy shifting
  • Power dispatch management

Transmission and distribution grids

  • Frequency regulation
  • Power flow optimization
  • Spinning reserve
  • System stability improvement
  • Voltage control

Industrial grids, micro grids and hybrid systems

  • Energy management for alternative sources including solar, wind and fossil fuel plants
  • Black start functionality
  • Peak shaving
  • Power quality compliance
  • Voltage and frequency control

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