General Statement

Collection of Information

  • The information gathered by Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. falls into two categories:
    • Information voluntarily supplied by visitors to our websites through optional registration and
    • Tracking information gathered as visitors navigate through our sites.
  • Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. may collect information covering your name, address, gender, age, religion, race, nationality, work, occupation, interests, marital status, children, family, travel, hobbies, credit card, bank, addresses and names of friends and associates directly from you. In addition Capital Associates may collect information about you from third parties for verification, credit worthiness, payment history, address verification. And from your visits to websites of Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. and its partners and associates including pages visited on our websites, your website visit pattern and purchase pattern. In addition Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. may obtain information about you from public sources.
  • The information you supply will help us to make Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. a better website by allowing us to tailor our site to your interests and make it more useful to you. Supplying such information is entirely voluntary. In some instances, which involve, for example, subscriptions, you may need to provide all the information before the subscription can reach you. We can’t deliver your magazines or notify you that you’ve been lucky enough to win a prize in a promotional contest if we don’t know how to contact you. Of course, even if you want to remain completely anonymous, you are still free to take advantage of the wealth of content available on our site without providing any personal information.
  • Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. may share this information with its marketing partners, consultants and third parties for the purpose of making special offers to you as a customer of Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C.
  • Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. may also call you on the telephone and as an existing customer will not specifically refer to the Do Not Call Registry for this purpose. By ordering or purchasing products or services from Nexus Power Solutions websites, you are deemed to be a customer of Nexus Power Solutions L.L.C. and we may contact you on phone, email, mail and face to face to conduct our business with you or to resolve matters related to our business with you.
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