Nexus Power designs & manufactures world-leading clean technology to improve power quality, energy efficiency, operational and environmental performance since 2007. Our smart green technology and dynamic compensation solutions such as Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) or Active Power Filter (APF), Static Var Generator (SVG), Hybrid Static Var Generator (SVGC) and Energy Storage System (ESS) can effectively solve your power quality and energy problems in real time.

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Our vision is to be the largest source of providing solutions to power quality and energy problems, offering a wide range of products and relevant services, aiming reducing power quality issues and energy crises for easier & better lives, and our products to be everywhere through sustainable practices.

Our Mission is to provide complete integrated solutions of realistic superior quality products of power quality and energy systems, and all the relevant services, with ensuring to acquire a complete customer satisfaction.

It must be in conjunction with sustainable development and by: Due diligence & working hard, Being proactive in tracking the inexpensive modern innovative technology of high-quality to be available in the market, Striving strongly to build sustainable relationships and create value for our significant stakeholders, especially our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

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